Wholesale Retail & Maker of the Month

Interested in stocking your products with us?

We prioritize small-batch makers, queer makers, BIPOC makers, and those who are local to the Northeast region. Please read over our guiding values here to get an idea of what we are about and our positionality within western herbalism.

For transparency, there are some types of items that we will not stock in the store, including:

  • Products containing white sage, palo santo, or other plants which are sacred to Indigenous people, and for which there has been a call to stop commodifying them for white, western consumption. We’re not at all trying to prevent you from having access to or making medicine with these plants if they are in your lineage, but MXED GREENS is run by white herbalists and we are trying to not perpetuate these harms, and do not feel right profiting off the sales of these plants.
  • Products containing slippery elm, goldenseal, osha, chaga, or other endangered/at-risk/over harvested plants (see United Plant Savers List Here) unless you are growing them yourself or sourcing them from other farmers/growers. Once again, we love so many of these plants, but we are trying to interrupt cycles of harm that occur within wildcrafting for profit.
  • Most CBD products - there are many dispensaries in Northampton, including one in the Maplewood Shops with us, and they’ve got this covered!
  • Salves - we already make quite a few ourselves!


To apply to start a wholesale account with MXED GREENS, please send an email to mxedgreens@gmail.com with the answers to the following questions. Please attach a linesheet if you have one. We will reply to you as soon as we can!

  1. Your Name:

  1. Pronouns:

  1. Email for best contact: 

  1. Business Name:

  1. Insta handle/website/FB:

  1. Can you tell us a little bit about how your herbal practice aligns with the values that we are holding in this shared space at MXED GREENS? Whom do you make medicine for/what communities do you serve? Where are your plant materials sourced?

  1. Are you local to Western Mass? (If no, where are you based?)

  1. We have a couple options for stocking products. Some folks choose standard wholesale, where we purchase from you at around 50% retail prices and then we sell at SRP. Other folks who often don’t have as large of an inventory choose consignment, where you have your products in the store and do a 40/60 split of the profits (60% to you).  Which of these options would you prefer?

* you’ll notice we have MXED GREENS + Blue Whale Apothecary products on a sliding scale. This can be tricky to do in a wholesale relationship, but if you want to make it happen, we’re down to talk about it!

  1. If applicable, what is your order minimum?

  1. Can we list your products on our web shop, or would you prefer they be in-person only?

  1. Any other questions or things you’d like us to know! <3


MAKER OF THE MONTH - *currently on hiatus as of winter 2023* 

Maker of the Month is an opportunity to connect with local community and have your products - herbalism, art, crafts etc. -  reach a wider audience, even and especially if you don't have a fancy website, glossy labeling, or curated ig feed. The application will open on June 25th 2022, and we'll accept replies on a rolling basis until we fill each month. We will contact you at the very latest by the 15th of the proceeding month (so July 15th for Aug, Aug 15th for Sept, and Sept 15th for Oct) if you've been selected as the Maker of the Month!

To apply, please fill out this google form: https://forms.gle/2M5S8ZZyAdUCp2c88 


MXED GREENS new storefront in Maplewood Shops inventory shelfie