Forest Ritual hydrosol

Forest Ritual hydrosol

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Commune with the spirit of the mountain and ancient conifer forests. Move the blood where it needs to go.

Incense cedar carries an aroma of citrus and pine that will transport you deep into the forest. Pennyroyal has traditionally been used by those who menstruate to bring on blood flow or as an insect repellant.

Essence of ancient oak, usnea lichen, chrysocolla and green fluorite deepen our attunement to the vibrations and consciousness of the Earth, allowing us to speak our highest truth and foster mutual protection and reciprocity.

These ancient tree, lichen and stone beings offer their protective forest magic to connect with deep time, clarify intention and cleanse the energetic field of unwanted influences.


Spray onto clean skin, your altar space or bed pillow. Use as a ritual mist or insect repellant to honor the space you hold in the landscape. External use only.

Ms. Tea's small batch hydrosols provide the benefits of plant aromatherapy without the overpowering scent or unethical practices of mass produced essential oils.
Made with locally grown organic herbs steam distilled in small batches in a traditional copper alembic still using pure distilled water.

Ingredients: organic california grown pennyroyal (mentha pulegium) and incense cedar(calocedrus decurrens) steam distilled in a traditional copper alembic with pure distilled water, essence of usnea, cedar, black oak, pine, chrysocolla, green fluorite, coastal fog & rain

2 oz. spray-top glass bottle