About Us

MXED GREENS is an apothecary, herb shop, and community gathering + education space in Northampton, MA, on Nipmuc + Pocumtuc land, run by queer, non-binary herbalists Devon and Tasha Greenwood. We make tinctures, glycerites, oxymels, tea blends, salves, and botanically dyed + printed clothing, and stock a selection of products from other incredible small-batch herbalists and makers. MXED GREENS offers in-person and online workshops on medicine making, plant connection, integrative healthcare, and botanical dyeing. Our extensive inventory of bulk extracts and bulk dried herbs sourced from small-scale herb farms are sold individually and in herbal formulations as part of our compounding apothecary. Tasha offers clinical herbalist consultations outside of open shop hours.

Some of the values and movements that guide our work of tending the care webs between humans and plants are:

accessibility 🔹 uplifting our queer community 🔹 abolition and anti-racism work 🔹 wealth redistribution 🔹 pushing back on colonialist + capitalist ideas of health, productivity, and land use 🔹 food sovereignty 🔹 harm-reduction 🔹 reciprocity


Here's a little about each of us:

Tasha (they/them) is a community herbalist and educator. Their herbal teachers have included lauren giambrone, mandana boushee, Jade Alicandro-Mace, and all the folks at the California School of Herbal Studies. They are currently continuing to deepen their clinical herbal practice through the program at the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism. They grew up on Seminole land and currently live with Devon on Pocumtuc/Nipmuc land. Blue Whale Apothecary is their product line that they’ve run for the past 5 years, weaving together ocean and plant magic. For MXED GREENS, Tasha co-tends the gardens and formulates products, is the primary email communicator, and the face you'll usually see in the store.


Devon (they/them) is a community herbalist, registered nurse, and resource mobilizer. They completed the Seeds of Herbalism program with Wild Gather: Hudson Valley School of Herbal Studies, and Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism’s Year 1 Family & Community Herbalist program. As a white settler of European descent, they are currently living with Tasha on unceded Nipmuc and Pocumtuc land, and were raised on Abenaki, Wabanaki, and Penobscot land. For MXED GREENS, Devon manages inventory, wholesale accounts, social media and design strategy, and co-facilitates workshops with Tasha. Devon loves to get creative formulating herbal products for the public, and with botanical dyes and eco-printing.


Land-Based Redistribution: some of our formulas use plants which are wildcrafted. These are plants which are prolific, abundant and/or considered "invasive" in our ecosystem. we believe this is important medicine to be shared; but also hold the fact that we are still white settlers living on stolen land.

the land gives these incredible gifts, and it does not feel right to turn around and sell these gifts for profit. In effort to maintain some reciprocity, we will be donating profits from products containing wildcrafted plants back to the Indigenous nations of the lands we live on. Here is the breakdown of donations and where they will go:

  • core products from MXED GREENS and Blue Whale Apothecary containing a single wildcrafted plant: 20% of profits donated quarterly.
  • seasonal products made entirely from wildcrafted plants: 100% of profits donated quarterly.
  • funds will go to the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe & the Nipmuc Nation.
  • if there are emergent funding requests, we will alter our donation locations accordingly and let you know!

Mutual Aid Redistribution: We stock a rotation of items that 100% of the amount you pay goes towards mutual aid funds. Currently, these are only available in store: Abolish Prisons tote bags designed and printed by local artists with proceeds for Decarcerate Western Mass' Bail Fund, and I'd Lather Not Soaps by Sonja Vitow with proceeds for the National Network of Abortion Funds. Additionally, 10% of the sales of all botanically dyed garments is donated monthly to Third Wave Fund's Sex Worker Giving Circle.

About Our Products

All our bulk herbs are sourced from farmers + growers who value care and intention. Our farm partners this year include Foxtrot Farm in MA, Wilson Farm in VT, Foster Farm Botanicals in VT, Meeting House Farm in ME, Cutting Root Farm & Apothecary in PA, Gathered Threads Farm in VA, Golden Hour Farm in MI, Oshala Farms in OR, Rise Up Remedies in CA, and Diaspora Co. in Southeast Asia. We have seaweeds grown + harvested in Maine by Nautical Farms + Atlantic Holdfast. We also grow herbs in our own gardens at home! 

We make our own tinctures, glycerites, oxymels, and tea blends, and stock a selection of products from other incredible herbalists and makers. We partner with those whose herbal practices and work in the world we admire, learn from, and who are creating intentionally and ethically with their local human, animal, and plant communities wherever they are based.

Available by sliding scale prices are the MXED GREENS simples & formulas, as well as Tasha's Blue Whale Apothecary products.

Also in the store, but not available through this web shop:

Botanically-dyed vintage + up-cycled clothing, and medicinal plant starts. Availability for these varies with the seasons and where the plants are in their life cycles, as each item and sprout respond uniquely to the treatments we lovingly give them. Stay tuned for updates on our instagram page!