Earth Inks with MXED GREENS @ Sulis Studio

Earth Inks with MXED GREENS @ Sulis Studio

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Earth Inks
with MXED GREENS @ Sulis Studio


We do a lot of natural dye workshops with fibers, but this time we'll be focused on extracting plant colors into inks and solid pigments. Join Tasha for an afternoon exploring plant-derived watercolor paints and inks, as well as lake pigments and color modifiers. Botanical inks are alive and seasonal so together we will make an ink capsule of this moment in the season and in the year.

There will be ample studio time to play around with a range of colors. You will also take home some inks to continue creating!

All materials (plants, modifiers, paintbrushes, ink pens, paper) will be provided, but you can also bring your own supplies to play with! Sulis Studio is on the 2nd floor #253, wheelchair accessible via elevator, and masks are required <3

Where: Sulis Studio at the Arts and Industry Building in Florence
When: Sat April 22nd (Earth Day) 2-5pm
Cost: $30-60 (Please review our sliding scale practices for where to pay.)

About the Space:
Sulis Studio is an arts collective and community art studio run by Rebecca DeWitt, Raven Burrell, and Kaley Donovan. Studio offerings include weekly Figure Drawing sessions, monthly Queer Figure Drawing, and a variety of workshops and events led by local community members. Sulis Studio seeks to create a healing and safe space where the magic of creativity can emerge and artists and makers gather, create, and get inspired. Check out their gorgeous space on instagram @sulisstudio253

Accessibility notes:

Sulis Studio is on the second floor, #253, and can be accessed via stairs or ramp plus elevator. The studio has lots of open space for moving around in, and a variety of seating/standing options. There are stalled and wheelchair accessible bathrooms across the Arts & Industry building. 

Covid Considerations:
Workshop is limited to 12 participants, with advance registration required. This is an indoor event, so KF94, KN95, or N95 or equivalent respirator masks are required! (if you need one, we can provide you a KN95 at the door.) Tasha is vaccinated & bivalent boosted. Hand sanitizer and sinks for handwashing are available. Please contact us if you have questions about this!