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Emergence Essence

Essence for change, liberation, co-creation

Made during the full moon eclipse in Leo and eve of a snow storm...

contains essences of coral, moss, fern, lava rock, borage flower in a thunderstorm, in honey-infused brandy or glycerin, and freshwater


coral, for community collaboration, for building our homes and our new systems from the ground up, symbiosis among ourselves and our environments

moss, for resilience and adaption, for surviving and thriving

fern, for fractal unfolding, spiraling upward and outward into the sunlight

lava rock, for change and creation, for the fire that lights our hearts and helps us witness the multitudes within

borage flower in thunderstorm for courage to love and courage to grieve, lightening the load we carry, and buoying us forward


3-5 drops daily, or as you need <3

in water, tea, or under your tongue

If you don't wish to ingest, you can place a few drops on your wrists, temples, feet, in your garden, or in whatever space you are creating change


the coral comes from sailing to the island of Raivavae in the south Pacific. the lava rock comes from living on the Kalapana lava flows of Hawaii. the moss, fern and flowers from land near my home.


available in 1/2 oz dropper bottles, with honey infused brandy + water or glycerine + water 



This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and has not been evaluated by the FDA. All bodies respond to plants differently - please check with a medical provider familiar with herbal medicine for interactions or contraindications.