Colección: Chelsea Taxman

Since 2006, Chelsea has experienced pleasure exploring, brewing, concocting, and studying plant medicine and community wellness. She lives and plant garlic on Pocumtuc & Nipmuc lands, (also called western massachusetts).

With support from her jewish ashkenazi ancestors, my plant teachers, & yoga mentors, Chelsea is a healer & plant medicine maker working toward liberation. She wants us to take back our power in our own ancestral and intuitive medicine in the home and as sacred practice. As a community herbalist one of her roles is to connect people with plants, education, and collective deep healing. Chelsea’s work is part of a larger movement with other queer healers and collaborators She practices and teaches with a desire to share, especially with those who might not otherwise find alternative wellness modalities accessible (disabled, trans, queer, low income, diasporic, etc.)

Chelsea feels inspired by community, lessons from honeybees, queerness, song, and her dreams. Her work combines formal and inherited education from many traditions including judaism, ayurveda, raja yoga, and an apprenticeship with traditional chinese herbalism.
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