Come Up for Air

Come Up for Air

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Come Up For Air

Often when I'm feeling anxious or panicky, I feel like I’m stuck underwater. all I want is to break through the surface and fling water droplets off my fins into the sun and take a huge breath so that I can return to floating again. 

passionflower + blue vervain are two of my closest allies for toning down the intensity and re-regulating. anise hyssop is a respiratory tonic that soothes the throat and lungs after crying or yelling. they’re super aromatic and give this blend a sweet anise-y smell. lobelia is present in a small dose because I find that it's the energetic push to come back from the depths and expand your lungs.

sansevieria flower is an essence I made down in Florida (where I grew up) when I was there after a massive rain storm. The whole yard was flooded, but after the water receded all the snake plants bloomed with stalks of creamy yellow flowers. it’s a reminder that even if you’re submerged right now, you can still bloom <3

This blend tastes a lil bitter, but I find that the bitterness feels like getting a swoosh of cool air on my face to bring back to my body and back to my breath.


1 oz (30 ml) dropper bottle

contains: passionflower**, anise hyssop**, blue vervain*, lobelia**, Sansiveria flower essence*, gluten free alcohol, apple cider vinegar.

 suggested use: 5-10 drops, as you need.


* from herb growers we know and love <3

** from our own gardens <3


this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and has not been evaluated by the FDA. All bodies respond to plants differently - please check with a medical provider familiar with herbal medicine for interactions or contraindications.