Meadow Mist hydrosol

Meadow Mist hydrosol

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A calming blend of plant waters for dry, sensitive or inflamed skin. Soothe itchy or irritated eyes, reduce redness, swelling, burns and support softening.

Cooling yarrow meets warm & sensuous honey wheat of chamomile in a unique co-distillation. A touch of fennel seeds & tops to balance the aroma.

Both Chamomile and Yarrow contain azulene, a deep blue compound that soothes problem skin, rashes, sunburns, itching, swollen veins, varicosities. Use wherever redness or irritation is present.

Gem + flower essence of Lemurian quartz and Linanthus babystars awaken ancient sense memories, illuminate pleasure & attraction and help us recognize our interdependence, resilience and relationships with chosen family.

Suitable as a gentle cleanser or toner. Spray onto clean skin or apply to a cotton ball or clean cloth. Place over closed eyes to ease itching and eye strain. Use as a ritual mist to disperse energy and calm the senses.


Ms. Tea's small batch hydrosols provide the benefits of plant aromatherapy without the overpowering scent or unethical practices of mass produced essential oils.

Made with locally grown organic herbs steam distilled in small batches in a traditional copper alembic still using pure distilled water.

Ingredients: california grown yarrow (achillea millefolium), chamomile flowers (matricaria recutita), fennel seeds & flowering tops steam distilled ina traditional copper alembic with pure spring water and essence of phlox babystars & lemurian quartz

2 oz glass spray-top bottle