We're honored to be here to support you <3


We are offering mini consultations for acute health concerns such as sleep, stress, digestion, mood support, anxiety, non-emergency first aid + recovery from injuries, and general herbal health + nutrition education. 

The mini consults are NOT for addressing long-term chronic health conditions (but it's totally okay if this in the background for you!)  - If this is what you are interested in, you may book a full length intake with Tasha here.

The mini consultation appointments are in-person at the store and held outside of regular business hours - so that we can focus on supporting you and maintain confidentiality without the distraction of other customers in the space. 

These mini consults last 20-30 mins, and cost $15-30, sliding scale. We will talk about what's present for you right now and what sort of herbal supports can fit into your life. You'll be given some herb recommendations which you can purchase in the store, or can be ordered from another herb shop (if we don't carry the herbs you need!). If this is something you would like to do, please click "schedule here" at the bottom of this page.

Hours for consultations:

Mon: 9-4pm

Sat, Sun, T, W: 9-10am

*these are subject to change throughout the year and with our schedules* 

Required Disclaimer

We cannot diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. We can provide health + herbal education to support your emotional + physical body. No treatment sought or provided through these consultations should be taken in lieu of seeking appropriate medical care.