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We are offering 3 (three) different options of herbal consultations for 2022:

1) Mini Consultations for acute health concerns such as sleep, stress, digestion, mood support, anxiety, non-emergency first aid + recovery from injuries, and general herbal health + nutrition education - not for addressing long-term chronic health conditions.  Time: 20-30 mins. Cost: $15-30 sliding scale.

2) Full length New Client Intake appointment with Tasha. A complete picture consultation for chronic health + any acute concerns.  Intake time: 1.5 hours. Intake cost: $45-60 sliding scale. Follow up appointment time: 30 mins. Follow up cost: $10-20 sliding scale.

The Mini Consultation and New Client Intake appointments are held via a secure telehealth platform or in-person at the store, outside of regular business hours, so that we can focus on supporting you and maintain confidentiality without the distraction of other customers in the space. Face masks are required for all in-person consults inside the shop.

In each type of consultation, will talk about what's present for you right now, what sort of herbal supports can fit into your life, and considerations for any herb-drug interactions. You'll be given recommendations for tea, tinctures/glycerites, and food as medicine preparations, which you can purchase in the store or can be ordered from another herb shop (if we don't carry the specific herbs you need!). 


3) Full length Student Clinic Intake appointment with Tasha in their role as 3rd Year Student Intern at the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism. Includes a Clinical Herbalist faculty's supervision and 1-on-1 check-in with you. During the appointment, they will consider your individual constitution, medications, health-related goals, and recommend specific herbal and food as medicine support for you. You'll be given recommendations for herbal formulas which are typically filled at VCIH's apothecary and mailed to you.  Intake time: 2 hours. Intake cost: $0-30 sliding scale. Follow up appt time: 1 hour. Cost: $0-15 sliding scale.

All VCIH Student Clinic appointments take place virtually via zoom. For full information about the school, pricing structures for appointments and formulas, and to read the student intern bios, please look through the VCIH site here. Once you are ready to schedule an intake appointment, please email Tasha at: tasha @ vtherbcenter . org


Required Disclaimer

Herbalists cannot diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. We can provide health + herbal education to support your emotional + physical body. No treatment sought or provided through these consultations should be taken in lieu of seeking appropriate medical care.


Tulsi in flower Tasha at counter at MXED GREENS shop with mask on 

Images: tulsi basil blooming, Tasha at the shop counter, blue vervain blooming