Lymph Lover Oil

Lymph Lover Oil

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Gently move the inner waters of the body & restore juicy vibrancy

▽ 100% free of essential oils ▽

A sweet & gentle topical oil by Laurel of Ms. Tea Botanica, for trans fam & babes of all genders. With an affinity for the chest & breast, whether you’re growing new ta-ta’s, bidding them farewell, or just loving up on whatever you got.

This friend is for moving & draining the lymph, reducing scars & swollen nodes in neck & chest. Suitable for aftercare post-reduction, removal, implants, fat transfer, or simply as a daily massage ritual for more even texture and reducing stagnation.

Spring herbs of violet, dandelion blossoms, gotu kola & calendula join together to keep our inner rivers flowing, dissolve unwanted tissue densities & help our bodies integrate post-surgery, after wounds close. 

A friend for connective tissue repair, to reduce inflammation, swelling, scar tissue & keloid scars, cysts & fibroids, support collagen & elasticity and open the lymphatic channels.


Suggested use: Gently massage into chest, sides of neck & underarms, drawing your fingers towards the heart. Use post-shower to ease swelling & inflammation from tissue density, surgical healing or lymph congestion.

Contains: all organic + local violet leaf + dandelion blossoms + calendula flowers + gotu kola leaf + cold pressed organic olive oil

2 oz pump bottle