Sensing the Seasons Workshop #5: Sound

Sensing the Seasons Workshop #5: Sound

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The final installment in a 5-part workshop series collaboration between MXED GREENS and Foxtrot Farm

In Sensing the Seasons, we'll explore Touch, Taste, Smell, Sight, and Sound one by one where we immerse ourselves in the somatic + sensory experiences of the season. Each class will include learning about medicinal + edible plants, hands-on practice to make medicine/food/art with these plants, and time to connect with the land and each other. These classes are appropriate for those of you who are new to this experiences, and for those of you who have more herbal/plant experience and want to depend these relationships <3

You can attend just one class of the series, or be part of all of them!


Workshop #5: Sound - Seeds & Stories

Seeds are prayers, Seeds are memories, seeds are carriers of the stories of what has come before and they are the writers of stories to come. Seed/Story saving is an act of hope; it says we can trust in the next cycle, we believe in our capacity to nourish ourselves. Seed/Story sharing is saying that we can build these things tougher; we are not isolated. I can feed myself and I can feed you to. Seed/Story sharing is saying - I want you to continue to exist and I want you to remember.

As the evening cools, we’ll have a bonfire and drop in with the plants on the farm and celebrate the way they create seeds for next year’s sprouts. You’ll learn about seed saving for various types of plants, and take home some seeds to tuck away for next spring. This will be a tactile experience in the rattle, rhythm, and satisfying feel of seeds. 

We will have some herb-y food and tea to share, and you are welcome to bring something potluck-style, or bring your own foods to cozy up with.


Materials: All materials will be provided. Please bring a chair or blanket to sit on, a notebook if you'd like, a mask for indoor bathroom use, and a water bottle or other delish beverage

Event led by: Abby Ferla and Ced Clearwater, assisted by Devon & Tasha Greenwood

Time: Friday September 9th, 6-8pm*

*end time is flexible, we won't kick folks off the farm if we're still wrapping up/loving on the plants <3

Cost: $10-30 sliding scale, please review our sliding scale page on which price point is right for you at this time, we know this may shift for you from workshop to workshop!

Location: Classes will be held at Foxtrot Farm in Ashfield. We can assist to coordinate carpools from Northampton! Please get in touch with us to discuss.

Accessibility: Foxtrot Farm is accessible by car or bicycle, located at 1237 Baptist Corner Ashfield MA 01370. We will be outside for the duration of the workshop, with opportunities to sit, lie down, stand, and walk around. The fire pit is just past the barn, and about 50 meters up the driveway from parking on the road. There is access to an indoor bathroom. Face masks are required when inside, and when close to each other outside. Children are welcome and included in your registration.